Children/Youth Ministries

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Varick International Christian Youth Council: Membership –Ages 12-22

Co-Directors of Youth: Mrs. Cristina Palmer Moore & Dr. Rhoma Johnson

Assistant Directors of Youth: Mrs. Shirley Alexis & Mr. Robert Moore

Mission: To foster the spiritual growth and development of our youth by working collaboratively with all adults in the church so that the joy of learning about Christ is a reward and the programs only serve as a benchmark of opportunities.

Goals: The youth ministry’s objectives include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gain knowledge of the Christian tradition
  • Study the bible
  • Attend worship services
  • Set examples for Christian behavior
  • Provide church leadership
  • Explore how to build a Christian community by participating in church activities and community service
  • Grow in faith


  • Youth Fellowship and Kingdom building – Youth, ages 12-22 are provided exciting opportunities for bible study; monthly youth focused activities; liturgical dancing and participation in dynamic special seasonal programs and special programs for College Youth
  • Liturgical dance
  • Acolytes
  • Special seasonal programs
  • Bible Study
  • Philadelphia-Baltimore Conferences and workshops
  • Baltimore District Conferences and Workshops

Varick’s Children Ministry: Membership — Children – Ages 4-12

Director of Children’s Ministries: Mrs. Cecilia Newstead

Assistant Director:  Ms. Montrice Yakimov

Mission: To offer young children the opportunity to learn about their religious community and tradition, as well as the freedom to discover and express their uniqueness.


  • Children’s Ministry includes weekly Bible Study classes and exciting special holiday events and activities.
  • Monthly Fellowships

Church School

Superintendent: Mrs. Kimberr Eubanks

Assistant Superintendent: Mrs. Gail Butler

Coordinator of Children’s Church: Mrs. Wanda Walters

Mission: To enhance the personal, family and professional lives of its participants through biblical readings, discussions, and their applications to today’s world

Children’s Church – Children’s Church provides young worshipers ages 3 to 12 an engaging, child-friendly, developmentally appropriate opportunity to participate in and learn about the Christian faith during the Sunday morning worship service. All children begin their worship experience with their families in the sanctuary and are guided to Children’s Church during the offering. Participants are also offered a light snack.